How to Balance Breast Size During Breastfeeding

how to balance breast size during breastfeeding
how to balance breast size during breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a wonderful way to feed and bond with your baby. Balancing your breast size can take a little practice, though. Once you know how to feed your baby evenly and efficiently, you and your baby can spend this special one-on-one time focused solely on each other.

Read on to learn how to balance breast size during breastfeeding. Start breastfeeding on the side that’s least full. Your breast makes as much milk as your baby can eat.

If he completely drains one side, then that breast produces more for the next time. Nurse for 15 to 20 minutes. This makes sure she gets the hind milk, which has more protein in it than the initial milk your breasts produce. Switch sides and nurse your baby until he’s full.

Don’t pump extra milk from a breast that’s overproducing because this causes your breast to make the same amount or more next time. Leaving the milk in your breast is the signal your body needs to slow production on that side. If you are not overproducing, pump the excess milk so the breast doesn’t begin to under produce.

Pump in between feeding for 15 to 20 minutes on the full breast and five to ten minutes longer on the breast that’s under producing. You can avoid pumping if both sides are overproducing or if you’re only offering your baby the breast. You can freeze the milk you pump or feed it to your baby in a bottle.

If you are still under producing on one side, you can pump that side immediately after your baby finishing breastfeeding. This stimulates the breast to make more milk. You won’t get much the first couple of times you do this; it takes a day or two.

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