When Can I Get Pregnant

I am planning to get pregnant and I want to find out when can I get pregnant. This question always pops out in my mind nowadays. I have been married for over two years now and we have decided that both of us are now ready to add another family member. However, due to our busy schedules and loaded with work we cannot find the right timing.

I want to know when can I get pregnant and the best time when can I get pregnant. My husband and I are willing to work things out for me to be able to conceive. Many women are also asking “When can I get pregnant? “.

I asked my doctor when can I get pregnant. She advised me to have an intercourse with my husband before my ovulation. She said that this is the best time for me to attempt to conceive. Normally, ovulation process is on the 14th day after the menstrual period. However, this is not the same with all women.

The changes of your body will tell you that you are ovulating. There will be visible signs that will help you know that it is your ovulation stage. This body signs include cervical mucus, increase of basal temperature, breast is so tender and increase of sexual desire. When you are ovulating, female’s egg is so fertile that could last up to twelve hours. This could be the first answer to my question when can I get pregnant.

The question “When can I get pregnant?” can be frustrating and depressing to some women. Because there are women who are unfortunate and do not have a chance to conceive. The joy of a woman’s life is conceiving a baby. Lucky for me the question when can I get pregnant is not too tough because I still have chances of conceiving. It is the right timing which is missing.

When can I get pregnant can also be answered by checking your cervical mucus. When you notice that you have a lot of vaginal discharges or cervical mucus go ahead and engage with sexual intercourse with your partner. Aside from it protects, cervical mucus also speeds up the travel of the sperm towards the egg.

A different answer to my question when can I get pregnant is by constantly checking the basal body temperature. If you have a high basal body temperature then it is a sign that it is the best time to conceive. I am no longer worried as to when can I get pregnant because I already know what to do.